About – Lauren Rosas


Lauren Briar, formally known as Lauren O’Conner, is an American model and poetess from San Diego California who currently resides in Los Angeles.

Previously, Lauren has been featured by names such as Playboy, FUSE, CWEN Magazine, Pure Model Club, and is currently a poster girl for Harley Davidson International. She has also collaborated with several widely known photographers on her social media pages. Recently, Briar’s modeling has reflected a more “Romantic era” style and feel. As a fan of the late 19th century, she strives to create a more enchanting, artistic experience for her audience.

On the literary side, she is now in the process of publishing her first poetry book “Today in Paradise,” set to release in December 2018. The subject matter of the book sheds light on a forgotten community along with bringing awareness to a myriad of topics such as poverty, inequality, depression, and explores the ongoing conflict between forgiveness and true altruism.