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Why Every Model Needs Her Own Website

Wow, what a journey its been to get a website created, paid for and ready to use! One thing every professional model needs for her business is a nice, functional website. Now generally speaking, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a website. You can actually do it super low cost or free using the .me websites. If you are a model or heck, even a business owner looking for a great website designer, use Solomon Ilochi. He created mine and did a fabulous job. I know when it comes to business, I can be a bit of a perfectionist. YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG WITH HIM. Solomon was very responsive and professional throughout the whole process. Now, I know what some of you ladies are thinking…. “Why do I need a website??”. Well, as it turns out, having one has several benefits.

Benefit 1: A website will add another degree of professionalism to your personal brand. Being seen online is the lifeblood of brands and public figures nowadays, and you, the model are your own personal brand. On your website you can express your personality through videos, photos and blogging or perhaps just offer your merch to followers who love you. Having all of you, in one place that is all about you is also a more intimate experience for your followers. Because now, not only are they simply seeing pictures of you or short posts. They are seeing the products and services you created for them along with blogs and personal never before seen pictures. They are now seeing you as an artist, who has put their creations for sale just for them.

Benefit 2: You need to be seen by people and by golly people need to see you! The more exposure you have, the better chance for more business opportunities to come your way. Its also an online home for you and the followers who love and support you. Especially if you blog! 🙂

Benefit 3: Your merchandise you offer to your followers is controlled by you and you only. (Now, you can defiantly pay someone to run your website, however that can get really expensive really fast. Remember, if your just starting out, you want to keep the overhead as low as possible.) The benefit to you controlling your own merch distribution is you knowing what orders are received and sent in a timely fashion.

In summation, if you are a model and want to start offering merchandise for your followers to enjoy and cherish, or you just want to google your name and see a professional website come up instead of houses in Humbolt Texas, (LOL google Lauren Briar and go back a few pages and you’ll see what I mean) start by creating your own website. You won’t be disappointed!

Much Love and Blessings!

Lauren B.

***p.s. Listed below is Solomon’s email! Message him if you are interested in having him make you a website like mine


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