Model for Playboy – Lauren Rosas

Playboy Casting Call! Apply Below!

Have you ever dreamed of modeling for Playboy? Well, now is your chance ladies. At the bottom of this blog, I’m linking all the information to Playboy Plus casting calls in Burbank, Ca. Now I’ve modeled for Playboy in the past and below this article I am giving you the info you need to try out for Playboy yourself!

Now, two years ago, I was a different person. I worked at a company from 9-5 then would head off to night school afterwords. I would find myself bored at my desk frequently and one day, I randomly began searching Playboy casting calls. To this day, I still don’t know Playboy castings crossed my mind that afternoon. Perhaps it was fate… Anyway, I was lucky to come across a real link to apply. This link then led to the casting directors email. It was defiantly real, however there were and still are a ton of false submission sites requesting photos of young women claiming to be associated with Playboy. Eagerly, I submitted my best cosplay photos and waited patiently for a response. About two weeks later, I was in my statistics class and began checking my  emails. To my surprise… it was the casting director at Playboy. Immediately, I was shaking in my boots. I couldn’t believe that I was even speculation for something as big as Playboy! Disclosed in the email, was an audition time and date. So since I read the email a little bit late, my audition was in 4 days. EEEP! After reading it, I had to get some fresh air, so I stepped outside and went for a quick walk around the campus. So many thoughts were running through my mind, thoughts like “Is this real?”, “What if they turn me down?”, or perhaps, “What if this changes my life forever?”. After taking a brief walk, I finished up my statistics class and began thinking on how to prepare for something of this caliber. I was extremely nervous, and even worse….down to my last 40 bucks. I knew I needed to find a way to scrape up enough money to make the trip. So I did what any person needing money would do. I went down to a local thrift shop, and sold every cosplay costume/ prop I had. It was right before Halloween so naturally, they were happy to take everything. While at the cash register, I looked at my small pile of sentimental treasures and couldn’t help but feel the pain of having to sacrifice something you love for the possibility of a brighter future. I left that old secondhand shop with a grand total of 70 dollars in my pocket and to withered, empty bags. I returned back to my car, feeling like I just gave up a gold brick for a few pieces of silver. I cried for about 5 minutes and then told myself. “Lauren, it’s time to move on”.

Me and my friends at the Playboy Mansion (2016)

Now today… I’m happy to say that 70 bucks did prove to get me to my destination, and in time… to a whole lot more. Upon arriving, I was told to fill out a sheet of paper. Upon the sheet there were several personality and fill in the blank questions. Nothing to scary! After filling mine out, I was called into the photo studio where they took photographs of me against a blank wall. I shot from several different angles and tried a garden variety of poses. I first shot in bra and underwear then, full nude. I was also asked questions such as “Why should Playboy choose you to model them?”. Overall, the process was not as intense as I thought it would be, and surprisingly wrapped up in about 30 min time. Two weeks later, I received another email saying I landed the shoot and also a guest appearance on the Playboy Morning Show.  Two years have past since that day, and I’ll never forget how that one audition changed my life and hopefully the lives of several others… forever.

Me On Set With Playboy (2016).

Below is a link to the new “Playboy Plus Casting Calls” . Also don’t forget to follow @officialplayboyplus along with the casting director, @hollyrandall on Instagram! She’s the woman in charge of all the shoots. Now go out there and get em! If you never try, you’ll never know!