Real vs Fake – Lauren Rosas

Real or Fake? My PR / Marketing/ Industry Experiences…

Recently, I just severed ties with my last PR company @Kingpublishing. Now, I’m not going to get to deep into it but as it turned out I spent 1500$ in total and they never got me any of the magazine publications they promised. After three months of no luck, I asked for a refund from the PR owner, Geoffrey Parsons and he promised he would give it back to me. I provided him will all proper banking info and waited. Five days went by and still… nothing. Another week passed.. still nothing. I messaged him asking if he sent and every time he would reply with “Yes”. I would then ask him for the conformation from the bank he would make something up. As it turns out a few days later I go to search for his Instagram account @KingPublishing… it has now vanished. I checked from another account to see if he blocked me, but to my surprise, his entire account has been disabled. 

This unfortunately is not my first time working with a company like this. My first experience with a “shady deal” was actually a year ago with a company called MASS MEDIA LABS. I discovered the company through Linkd-In and they seemed super legit, or so I thought. They told me they would build me a website, Create my Patreon Page and add special edits to it to make it nicer. They also said they would market my Instagram page and get verifications for both FB and Insta. Once again, I paid 2,000$ in total, and as it turned out. Nothing happened. Angry and frustrated, I threatened to sue the company and luckily, was able to at least get this website built from it do to their prior web designer being extremely apologetic and professional. I found out later that the guys who sold me the package quit due to the CEO spending all of their money on drugs. Crazy I know. The company is now Non-Operative.

My last experience with “Business Shade” was with a Facebook marketer on Once again, this man was all smoke and mirrors. He promised rapid growth, FB and Insta verifications and social media Management. But just like the others, after paying one months of service with him for 500$. At the end of the month, I found myself again VERY disappointed. None of my accounts grew at all, in fact they were actually loosing engagement. And the only verification I got was a business grey check verification (which later I discovered you can do all on your own for free). Once again I found myself swindled out of my money, severing ties and ultimately… very discouraged.

I know these stories seem pretty bleak, but believe me when I say this… there is a silver lining to all of this. Let me explain! Despite finding myself in scam after scam, I eventually discovered a hidden gem that would change the way I looked at businesses forever. The YELP of the online and corporate world… Now, I want you to listen closely to me when I make this next statement, especially if you are a newcomer to the modeling/acting/music industry. “Always watch your own back. Companies, managers, marketers or anyone that does business with you in Hollywood has the potential to screw you out of time and money. Yes even companies steal too. Do not fully trust randoms and be especially careful if they reach out to you first or ask for money up front.” My entire goal for this blog is to educate and protect people in Hollywood. Its the city of glitz and glamour but remember, its also the town of broken dreams. It’s a sad vicious cycle, that real human people, with real dreams fall victim too… all to often. For years these artists fight to make headway in an industry that seems nothing but stacked against them. As the years go by, they begin to loose hope, slip into alcohol, drugs and depression and by that time the dream… along with all their hopes, goals and aspirations have now evaporated right in front of their eyes. Hearing stories like this, breaks my heart and that’s why out of ALL the thousands of models, actresses, musicians here on social media, I AM THE ONLY ONE, RECORDING AND SHARING EVERYTHING I KNOW. Telling you every step I took, on how I booked a Magazine, got a TV role, who I work with, how I started a Patreon, and much more; all for the sake of improving the human condition.

On a final note, I know deep down my blog and the words I have said have brought value to the lives of many people and perhaps even changed their lives in a positive way. I know my purpose in this industry is to do much more than be out for myself. I genuinely care about the goals and dreams of others and want nothing more than to see my fellow comrades succeed in this industry. That is why I take the time out of my busy schedule to keep this blog going and people informed about whats going on in the industry and how they can get ahead. A lot of people knock me though and say I’m wasting my time, I should just move on and make money and focus on myself and forget about everyone else… I just cant bring myself to do that. I am a fighter in this industry, and a fighter for you all. I won’t let you guys down. I am also the only IG model featured on mainstream news outlets such as NBC, FOX, ABC, and CBS. I know I’m doing good here and despite the criticism I get I will keep fighting for you all. No Matter What.

So in summation, before doing business with ANYONE… FIRST check Rip-Off Report, check FB reviews, check Yelp reviews, check this blog, and always remember watch your back. We got this. We will make it… together.

*** ALSO ON A FINAL NOTE: If you are the victim of a shady business deal, take it upon yourself to be a shining light to warn others. Report the scammer to the BBB, Cyber Crimes, or Rip-Off Report. Do not let them get away with it and hurt another person. Its up to you to spread knowledge to your fellow colleges. 

Stay Strong,

Lauren B.