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So, you’ve just finished listening to your favorite celeb give an interview on a popular radio station or podcast. But have you ever wondered how they got there? Perhaps they joined a secret society that has now decided, it’s this person’s time to shine and quickly landed them some airtime. Or possibly, they did something so monumental that now, every talk show host in or out of the country, is just beating down their doors to interview them. Well, I am here to inform you all, that although these are very colorful scenarios, there is a more practical way these celebs went about getting their interviews.

For one, they could have gone the pricey route. Now, unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg or signed to a major record label that’s actively dedicating a portion of your advance to an advertising budget, I strongly suggest you steer clear of this first option. Mainly because there are more cost-effective ways to landing interviews. And although, it’s an entertaining thought to be on your favorite radio station during prime time, its also very expensive; with many radio campaigns ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars… Yikes!
Don’t let this discourage you however for the majority of rising talent is in your very same boat… myself included! Yet, despite not having a ton of cash on hand to promote yourself with, you can still easily get the airtime you deserve. Websites such as, are a Godsend to rising artists on a budget. As for myself, I use religiously. All you have to do is search the website and at the top of the page click on SEE NEW RADIO INTERVIEW GUEST REQUESTS. Once you click on that you will see a ton of new radio station requests just aching for new guests. Since I began using this website, I’ve landed myself three radio interviews. My first was an international radio show called, “Carry on Harry” in Singapore. My second, “Talk with Francesca” was an east coast radio show in which, Dr. Phil was also once interviewed on. My third was “The AME Experience” on Iheartradio. This was my most recent and will be airing in about two weeks. Now why did I tell you all of these you may ask? Simply because… if I can do it you can too and let me show you how.

First, you go on to and you look at the qualifications interviewers are looking for. Do they want an author? Do they want a public figure or rising public figure? Or perhaps do they just want someone that has an incredible story to tell? That is for you the potential interviewee to determine when reading the brief paragraph in who they are looking to interview.
So, let’s say you come across a radio request seeking to interview an artist/ public figure/ rising public figure. That right there, fits your description. Now, simply click on the top underlined part and scroll down until you see the booking email part. Now copy that email and begin composing your proposal to them on to why you would be an entertaining guest on their show. Below, I have attached some real emails I sent out myself to radio stations that had me on their shows. Now, granted our stories probably differ greatly from each other, but that does not mean you can’t use my email as a set up or base for your own. Here is one of my emails I sent to a Radio Booking Email and was booked on:

“Hello there! my Name is Lauren Briar, I hope your day is going well! I came across your ad on radio guestlist and would love to try to book an interview with iheart radio. Currently I’m a published Maxim and Playboy model. I have also been working hard to publish my books this year. I write poetry along with fantasy/ fiction. I also run a model help blog so other models in the Hollywood industry can reference it and go to the same places I went to in order to get published and shoot with the same photographers I shoot with to avoid scams and fraudulent people in the industry. I provide this info on my blog free of charge and answer any questions that come my way. A few days back my story was picked up by the news and was featured on Fox, NBC, ABC and several more. I can send over the links to them if you need to see. Would absolutely love the opportunity to spread the word further about my model help blog and possibly be featured on radio stations to talk about it, so other young women and artists can read and utilize it for themselves. Please let me know if this is possible! I would love the chance to share this with the world. Here is my phone number if easier for you, 619 XXXXXXXX . I would absolutely love the opportunity. Attached are some news articles and works I’ve been published in. Hope to hear from you soon!

Many Blessings!
Lauren B.

Now, As for yourself, you wouldn’t want to use this example word for word but notice the organization of the proposal and apply it to you. Basically, you want to try your best to prove to the program that you are the perfect artist or public figure for their calling. Here is the format I follow that you can to:

Now that you have correctly composed your proposal on to why you would be a great guest, send it off and wait for some bites! Always remember too, not everyone gets picked up for everything (I know I sure don’t!) So don’t be discouraged, if no one reaches back out immediately. Simply send out your message to as many programs/ booking emails as possible. Now do note, that most radio interviews are usually free, however some with larger audiences may require a small booking fee of $30- $100. You can check to see if this is apart of the requirements in the description of the show. Most of the money goes to the costs of production for the interviewer. After all, they have to pay the bills too right? Additionally, though, I would not spend more that $100 for a booking. It may be wise at first to follow that same guideline.

On a final note, make sure to get the audio or video link to your interview sent to you so you can promote it via fb, Instagram, or convert to a youtube video. Your fans will love it and you will feel so happy and accomplished that you too could make a radio or podcast interview happen for yourself!

Many Blessings!
Lauren B.

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I have already started the process and hopefully will get on-air soon. Always the best information!

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