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As a model, it’s natural that you will come into contact with several different types of photographers. However, I’m here to let you ladies know, that not every photographer is all that and the bag of chips they claim to be! In this industry, you will encounter 7 distinct types of photographers. Yes, indeed, 7 distinct types of photographers that you need to be aware of before entering the industry or delving deeper into it. If you constantly struggle with model/ photographer relationships this is the blog for you…

Photographer Type 1: The Pricey Professional

This type of photographer may cost you a pretty penny, but in turn, they know their craft and is apparent in their art. Working with the Pricey Professional will be fun and almost always a learning experience for the model. They may offer you guidance on how to pose, and will experiment with a variety of lenses and different camera angles to capture your best looks. Most of all, they will promptly and proficiently deliver all of your photos you request from them without fail. These guys know their work inside and out, they are experienced and know how    to treat a client. Their proficiency in photography as well editing outweigh the price every time. I still pay for some shoots time to time, but the only times I pay now are for distinct reasons, such as owning the publishing rights or website usage.

Photographer Type Two: The Trade for Print Pro! 

This Photographer is your go to. You both vibe well together and create killer content for both your pages. They don’t charge, but you don’t either. You both just love creating amazing art together for your audiences to enjoy. Keep these guys close!  You wont have to worry about not receiving your photos from them. They generally send them in a few days time  Their editing is also superb! Keep these guys close! You make a great team.


Photographer Type Three: The Pro Creep!

Now this type may be All Stars when it comes to taking photographs, however they also can be professional Creepers! Yes, the photography skills for these types are extraordinary but if you deny them a chance with you on the “casting couch”, you will never receive your content. Generally speaking, these types  have large egos and come across slightly disenchanted with the world, in other words… embittered. They believe they are the best in the business due to the quality of their work, however lack in interpersonal relationships and professionalism. These types are the MOST LIKELY to try to hook up with models then suddenly vanish when it comes time to deliver their photos. You will see these types shooting with known models, unknown models or perhaps celebrities from time to time. Just to let you know they don’t show the celebs or well known models this scandalous side of them because they know the model or celeb has the power to dismantle their career. A sad story, many see all too often. Don’t be fooled! Be Leary of these types and before working with them or any photographer in question, have them sign a model release form before shooting. There is one attached to this blog you can download and print out for yourself. If they don’t want to sign it, that’s usually a bad sign. Let these types know you don’t play!

Photographer Type 4: The Just Plain Creep! 

These types, we all have fallen for once or twice. It’s extremely disheartening  but it happens to the best of us. This type is  simply put, a CREEP. Chances are, this type has low grade camera and is extremely flirtatious and touchy. Most of this type never went to school for photography, or even studied it for that matter. This type will most likely try to make a move on you… or even worse ask you to spend the night. These types usually insist on implied nudes the moment you walk in the door. To your dismay, they may even make you sign your “Model Release Form” on a used Buffalo Wild Wings napkin! (UGHH! Sorry, repressed memories!). Anyway, these Creep types will single handedly achieve at taking some of the most unflattering photographs you will ever see of yourself in your entire lifetime. And when it comes time to ask  for your photos, you may as well not even bother, due to the fact they will never provide them and despite months or perhaps years going by, will claim they they are still in the “editing” process. If by chance you are lucky enough to score images from this type, they may be extremely low quality and you probably won’t be able to post much or perhaps not at all, due to the majority being, terribly out of focus. When you spot a photographer like this. Just walk away. Better yet, run. For they are most likely, up to no good and will almost always, waste your time.

Type 5: The Blooming Artist 

I enjoy these types. Although their photo skills may not compare to the Pros in the business and their cameras are lower in resolution, these guys are really fun to work with. This is also a trade for print set up where you both just create art and share it for free. Together you will experiment with unique poses and props, laugh, and just have a great time. The photos may appear vintage due to the camera quality, but that’s ok, because vintage is in! You will get some good content from this shoot and have a chance to practice nailing certain poses. In the end, you both will have a great time creating art.


Now, for the last two types , I thought I would shake things up a bit by personally interviewing a popular model on Instagram who also once shot for Playboy. Her name is Bailey Madison and goes by the Instagram name @whereisbailey. Here is what she told be about these types.

Type 6: The Paying Professional

Bailey states, “This was a great experience for me. Usually, Paying Professional Types of photographers are actively trying to grow their audience. We agreed on him paying $300 total for the shoot. He asked me to bring specific sets of clothing to match certain locations. He picked me up and we drove to several different spots, all  scouted out before hand. We shot and talked briefly about each other’s goals in the industry. The photos turned out fantastic, it’s been a few years since my first shoot with him, but now am happy to see him getting his works published and  shooting with some of the top models in the industry.”

Type 7: The Paying Unprofessional

Bailey then goes on to say, “My worst experience was a couple of years ago with this type of photographer. The man initially reached out to me through social media, requesting that we do a paid shoot together. From the looks of it, his work was a bit Amateur.. but I shrugged it off and agreed to shoot with him for an even $300. Upon arriving at the meet up location I noticed the photographer was being very rude to me. He told me I needed to get a better tan and that my hair needed to be fixed and the color changed, along with countless others. This bothered me. Simply because I didn’t change my appearance going into the shoot, he already knew what I looked like so it felt as if he was just looking for things to find fault in. After shooting for a couple hours, things seemed to be going well… until we starting doing fully nude implied photos. While taking these photos, I noticed him grabbing his pants and saying he was getting hard. After hearing this, I tried to brush off the comment and attempt to change the subject. I’d never heard a photographer say that at a shoot before. By the end of the shoot, I was covered in paint and asked to use the shower before I heading home. To my dismay, he then asked if he could join in. Awkwardly and uncomfortably, I laughed and proceeded to go into the other room to take a shower. A few minutes into washing my body, I see his hand pulling back the curtain and immediately asking if I needed anything to drink. Complete intrusion of privacy! Aggravated, I said no, and resumed my shower. Once I finished, I heard the door fly open again. It was him, barging in as I was getting dressed. It seemed like the entire time he was under the impression I would take his sexual hints and jump into bed with him. After getting paid, I pretty much ran for the hills. I never spoke to him again, the photos turned out terrible. So bad in fact that I never even posted them…”

So there you have it! Those are my “7 Types” of photographers to get familiar with. Also, here is a list of all the photographers I work with. Feel free to reach out to them and set something up! They are all great artists I trust to deliver professionalism.

Also! Don’t forget to print out the photo release form attached below! This will help you weed out the pros from the phonies! Follow my favorite IG photographers below and message them about shooting!

Save this photo release form for your records ladies! Get your pics and know your rights!

Beach Photo: @partylikejzl

Forrest Photo by: @girlsonglass

Pool Photo by: @stevebitanga

Los Angeles Skyline Photo: @edwinevolvephoto

Pastel Beach Photo: @mishanw

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